How to Prep for Great Engagement Photos

By | April 27, 2016 | Wedding Advice

Yes! You’re having an engagement/couple session! Or what I like to call the Get to Know You session. Basically it’s an excuse for us to hang out, take some photos and learn a bit about each other. I get to see how you and your partner interact and you get to experience how I photograph. And we’ll have a bunch of fun while we’re doing it. So win – win!

You’re also a super smart couple and want to be ready for this photo session so here are 3 things to think about before we hang out.

Ebey's Landing Whidbey Island engagement photosse during sunset on beach


Choosing your session location is pretty important. But what should you be looking for? I’m a huge supporter of my clients picking a spot that has meaning to them. It could be your favorite park with those water views you love so much. Or the neighborhood where you and your partner like to hang out.

You can also consider an activity you like to do together. A beautiful hike you’ve done a million times or grabbing a beer at your local brewery. The more familiar the setting is the more comfortable you will be. And the more comfortable you are the easier it is to be in front of the camera.

If you’re struggling to come up with a location – no big deal. We can discuss ideas for what sort of setting you would like and I’ll provide suggestions on where would be a great fit.

Lake Eola Park engagement photos in Orlando, FL
Upper Queen Anne engagement photos in Seattle


Choosing what to wear during your photo session may be a bit daunting. You want to look great but also be comfortable. And feeling beautiful and confident for your photos can be influenced by what you end up wearing. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick that perfect outfit.

Wear clothes you’re comfortable in. That strapless dress might be super cute but if you’re constantly tugging on it you’re not going to be happy. Also consider where and what you’ll be doing during your session. Climbing up that mountain will be a bit difficult in stilettos or dress shoes.

Complement your partners clothes but try to not match. Adding complementary/contrasting colors to your outfits will keep the photos looking interesting.  And don’t be afraid of prints, they add some fun to your wardrobe. But I would recommend if you’re going to wear a pattern your partner wear a solid. Too many stripes, plaids, polka dots or logos could distract from what’s important – your happy smiling faces!

Adding a second outfit is a great option if you want more variety in your photos. A casual everyday look has a different feel than one that’s a bit more formal. And remember to dress the same level of fanciness. A beautiful flowing gown might look a little off next to jeans and a t shirt.

St Raphael Church engagement photos in Kauai, HI


Most of my clients have never been photographed in a professional setting before. And the biggest mistake you can make is to overthink how you’re looking or posing. My best advice is to turn off your brain and just be in the moment. I like to create a comfortable fun environment for my clients so they can be themselves. The best images happen when you and your partner are acting natural and relaxed with each other.

Ebey's Landing Whidbey Island engagement photos
Engagement photos at St. Raphael Church in Kauai, HI
Orcas Island Washington engagement session Mt Constitution San Juan Islands Mt Baker

And done! So now you’re all prepped for our session together. And let’s be honest – you were going to rock it anyway. But now you’re super prepared, confident and ready to have some fun! Curious to see what an awesome couple session looks like? Check out some of my recent work here.

Upper Queen Anne engagement photos in Seattle, Washington

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